Essential Scalp Knowledge Kit: 4 Must-Haves ( $690 Value)

This curated selection provides indispensable insights into the realm of scalp care.

This offering features a comprehensive scalp knowledge guidebook and a 30-minute 1-on-1 online session with juliArt's scalp expert. This enlightening experience will empower you to expertly identify various scalp types. Furthermore, you'll receive a selection of treatment products to swiftly implement your newfound expertise.
Enhance your professional standing and excel in the industry.

Note: The 1-on-1 online session should be scheduled within 30 days of ordering this product.



  • Expand your understanding of the scalp to provide your clients with top-notch service.
  • Maximize your self-learning journey by leveraging top-quality study materials and interacting with experienced juliArt educators.
  • Elevate your expertise to deliver unparalleled care and ensure utmost satisfaction.
  • Elevate your learning journey beyond theoretical knowledge; enhance skills by practicing hands-on with scalp products.

How To Use

  • Step1

    30 mins/ 1-on-1 Online Course with Scalp Educator

    Expert guidance to identify different scalp types, including severe conditions such as hair loss, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

  • Step2

    Scalp Textbook (Paper book)

    An authoritative resource on scalp problems and care, offering a comprehensive guide for both medical and non-medical hair specialists, addressing various scalp conditions, their recognition, and treatment.

  • Step3

    4 Pack Trial-Sized for Common Scalp Concerns

    What’s included?

    Oil Dandruff Shampoo(30ml*1) 
    Ultimate Density Shampoo (30ml*1) 
    Oil Balance Shampoo(30ml*1) 
    Dry Sensitive Shampoo (30ml*1) 

  • Step4

    Product Practice: *IRB approved CISPER Oily Hair Revitalizing Travel Set (for oily thin hair )

    Combat scalp buildup and thinning hair in individuals with oily scalp concerns.

  • Accuracy

    See the roots with 500M pixels.

  • Multi analysis comparison

    To track the efficacy of treatments from time to time.

  • Customer relationship

    Record details of each treatment and products used/purchased.

  • Zoom-in/out

    Easy to see scalp in detail and the whole picture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to schedule 30 mins online course ?

    Upon order submission, you will receive the link for scheduling the online course .

  • What will I gain from this 30-minute online course?

    The juliArt scalp educator will guide you in understanding the various scalp types. Taking part in this program will help you gain a comprehensive knowledge of the unique characteristics that set each scalp type apart.

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Essential Scalp Knowledge Kit: 4 Must-Haves ( $690 Value)