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Born for hair salon

juliArt understands what your business needs, hence our team developed an exclusive product line, only for hair salon business.

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Exclusive Product for your salon business

  • Scalp protector
  • CISPER Hair Revitalizing Ampoules Extra
  • Repairing Scalp Mask
  • Oil Balance Scalp Mask
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Prior to Chemical Hair Treatment

such as perming and coloring, it is suggested to use a scalp protector to prevent scalp irritation and dryness.

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CISPER Hair Revitalizing Ampoules Extra-scalp serum for hair growth-juliArt salon scalp care

Boost Hair Follicles.

CISPER hair revitalizing ampoule extra is composed with the highest percentage of NcPA- Japanese patented ingredient which is proven to be effective for hair revitalization.

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Repairing Scalp Mask-juliArt salon scalp care

First Aid of All Scalp Problems.

It soothes scalp inflammation and improves hair follicle vitality. Regulate oil secretion and retain the moisture of the scalp.

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Oil Balance Scalp Mask-juliArt salon scalp care-2

Regulate oil secretion and retain the moisture of the scalp.

After 4 treatments of oil balance scalp mask, it is proved to have less greasy scalp and normal oil secretion


Seeing Is Believing: Scalp X

Premium analysis device & software, better understand your clients

Scalp checker-scalp check up-juliArt salon scalp care

Patented ScalpX- Software For Scalp Check

Speedy and accurate scalp check system
for scalp therapist


Salon Review

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I was not sure whether I shall add scalp treatment in my service. I thought scalp care is more about massage, but I realize the efficacy of juliArt products did help me build stronger confidence to help customer scalp issues.

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My client can’t live without juliArt, and neither can I.
juliArt is a new direction for designers. I was not convinced at the very beginning as I was already fully booked and busy with my current clients. Not really need to do more treatments. After understanding the brand and its concept, I would say it works more than just an extra service. I can have my assistant do scalp analysis and clients seem more comfortable with each treatment by seeing the progress. Worth a try.

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Kindly provide your salon's details for our consideration. Our team will meticulously evaluate your submission within 7-15 business days. Upon successful verification, we will forward the juliArt salon partner contract to you, granting access to exclusive salon partner benefits such as:

- Special pricing for salon partners
- Complimentary salon sample products
- Expert scalp care advice

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