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juliArt has successfully marketed the most advanced and scientifically effective scalp care products and concepts to consumers via physicians and licensed skin care professionals for 60 years.


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Elevate your hair salon and head-Spa business

juliArt offers a comprehensive Scalp Care Management System that includes an intensive line- CISPER, it could set up multiple scalp treatments for all the scalp concerns, such as dandruff, oily hair, hair loss, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Our products promise extraordinary results and can enable your practice to fully integrate a complete range of scalp care services.

We believe the purpose of a scalp care management program should be twofold.
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First, by offering scalp care support functions you can extend and enhance the outcome and longevity of cosmetic and clinical procedures and generate continued revenue through a professionally managed lifetime maintenance program.

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Second, with an appealing and effective, professionally managed system you will be able to attract more potential clients that would ordinarily not gain exposure to your services and build a stable, predictable, and exceptionally profitable revenue source.

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Comprehensive Training and Support

In addition to offering the most advanced scientifically effective products and concepts, juliArt can assist you in all aspects of education, marketing and continuing support. Here are just a few of the ways we can assist your growth and success:

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We got your back with over 60 years of scalp care experience

  • Comprehensive, national continuing education
  • In-depth training resources
  • Personalized product training
  • Customer referrals
  • Comprehensive consumer awareness program
  • Sales and marketing support, easily build the content of your salon website and social media.
  • Consulting services for hair salon, head spa, scalp care center, hair transplant Transplant Medical Center
  • Technical support of ScalpX – advanced and patented scalp examination system for scalp check and record
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For Salon owner and Hairdresser

  • Acquire scalp therapist certificate as a professional recognition
  • Participate in scalp training and seminar for continuous and advanced study
  • Increase the repeated customer visit rate: scalp care treatment is a regular service
  • Help your clients’ scalp get better and ready for all the hairstyle
  • Reduce your clients’ complain from scalp issues after hair chemical procedure
  • Show your uniqueness: offer customized scalp care service
  • Build customer trust & loyalty

More than expected

As a B corp, using business as a force for good is our mission. We would like to collaborate with a partner who believes in the same value.