Dehydrated and sensitive scalp

Dehydrated and sensitive scalp

A dehydrated scalp can lead to a feeling of sensitivity due to lack of skin barrier.

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  • Dehydrated scalp
  • Tight or itchy feeling
  • Scalp redness
  • The symptoms can be worse in winter time

What’s the Difference: Dry scalp and dry sensitive

  • Dry scalp
  • Dehydrated and sensitive
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Dry scalp

  • Without any redness

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Dehydrated and sensitive

Scalp is sensitive to external changes and stimulation.

  • Get a tight (tingling) sensation easily
  • Large areas of significant redness


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Dehydration is a common cause of dry, itchy scalp. Aging, cold weather, chemical treatments, and harsh cleansing products can all contribute to its development. Using hot water for washing can also strip the scalp of moisture and lead to a drier condition. To combat this, hydration-specific products should be used to lock in moisture and protect hair when outdoors.


juliArt product review_Eleanor_Dehydrated and sensitive_after
juliArt product review_Eleanor_Dehydrated and sensitive_after
Eleanor Dehydrated and sensitive

Soothe my scalp very well
This set works on my dry scalp perfectly. No more itchiness on my scalp. Impressive!

juliArt product review_Betty
juliArt product review_Betty
Betty Dehydrated and sensitive

I can feel the moisture on my scalp
Helps a lot with the itchy feeling and I can stop scratching my scalp now.

juliArt product review_Tom_dehydrated scalp
juliArt product review_Tom_dehydrated scalp
Tom Dry dandruff

Works fine!
I have noticed a significant improvement with my flaky scalp since using this. I am glad to be able to wear dark shirts again without any embarrassment.

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Planted Formula

  • Ingredients_myrrh_juliArt


    Increase scalp defense with conditioning efficacy

  • Glycyrrhetinic Acid_juliArt

    Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex

    Reduce scalp inflammation, itchiness and redness

  • Vitamin E

    Moisturize your scalp

  • Ingredients_Vitamin B3_juliart

    Vitamin B3

    Hydrate skin and decrease redness

  • Organic Aloe Vera (USDA Certified)

    Soothe scalp irritation and inflammatory.
    Level up moisture

Perfect solution

Dry Dandruff and Sensitive ECHO System

Gently remove dandruff with exfoliating products and focus on hydration treatment for improving scalp health.


What’s included

1-2 times every 7 days, must apply on dry scalp then massage it.
Once every 3 days, shampoo twice in every use
Twice every day, day and night on your dry scalp

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is dry scalp something more serious?

    Most of the time, dry scalp doesn't cause any big trouble. Without proper hydrating, a dry scalp may be more sensitive, especially when the season changes.

Understand Your Scalp

What scalp type do I have?
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