What is your top 1 product?

CISPER Hair Revitalizing Series

What are the channels for your brands?

Chain beauty shops, Scalp Treatment Centers, Premium Salons

Where can I find juliArt products?

juliArt products are available in our own 10 juliArt beauty shops in department stores, 

2 scalp treatment centers and 600 premium salons in Taiwan.

Are juliArt ingredients nature?

All our products formulas are pure herbal essence. There are no artificial coloring, 

dimethicone, SLS and no chemical preservatives in our products.

Does juliArt test on animals?

No, none of our products are tested on animals,
and in-fact, we are a PETA-approved company.

What is the pH of juliArt products?

All juliArt products’ PH level is range from PH3.5 ~5.5

What Education course / program I can expect from JuliArt Institute?

We can provide free courses in letting consumers understand what scalp problems they are facing while also giving professional maintenance suggestions. 

Do you accept OEM or ODM order?

Nope, we focus on promoting juliArt and Aromase. We welcome you to try them, please contact us for more information or email to service@juliartofficial.com.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide but the shipping cost will be charged.
We suggest you buy from our distributors in your country.

How do we make a payment?

We only accept Paypal and Visa & Mastercard logo credit cards.
For regular orders, we accept TT.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Most orders are proceeding within 1-3 business days (includes confirmation of
payment receipt). After it’s shipped, average delivery time are 3-5 business
days in Taiwan.

If it’s international order, most package arrive within two to three weeks or
longer upon how your country handles those packages.