4 Pack Trial-Sized for Common Scalp Concerns ( Oil Dandruff, Thin Hair, Oil Scalp, Dry Itchy, 30ml *4 bottles)

Discover a range of customized solutions for prevalent scalp issues with our 4 Pack Trial-Sized Set.
The set features four 30ml bottles, each designed to address specific concerns: dandruff, hair density (thin hair), excessive oiliness, and dry scalp sensitivity.

What’s included?

Oil Dandruff Shampoo(30ml*1)
Ultimate Density Shampoo (30ml*1)
Oil Balance Shampoo(30ml*1)
Dry Sensitive Shampoo (30ml*1)


For anyone looking to identify the best solution for their scalp needs.



  • This 4-Pack Scalp Sampler (30ml each) offers targeted solutions for dandruff, hair density(thin hair), oiliness, and dry sensitive scalps.

    Find your perfect hair match for a healthy, happy scalp

How To Use

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    Discover your ideal scalp-care shampoo!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • After shampooing, anything else recommended for hair repair?

    For damaged hair, it is essential to use rinse-off and leave-in products. Fortifying hair mask and hair oil would be something you want to go for shiny and strong hair.

  • Can I switch with other shampoos after coloring?

    We would suggest using color protection shampoo and hair products after the treatment for color retention. However, fortifying & color retention shampoo is also suitable for daily use, especially for damaged hair for intensive repair.

  • Do I actually have dry dandruff or is my scalp just dry?

    if you have dry dandruff, the main reason is dehydrated scalp which means the scalp skin is dry!

  • Does oily scalp cause hair loss?

    Could be. In the long term, without proper cleaning, excessive oil may clog the pores and slow down healthy hair growth.

  • Does the hair oil result in grease on my scalp?

    Absolutely not. Please apply hair oil on the damaged part of hair, not on your hair root nor on the scalp.

  • For how long shall I use sensitive soothing shampoo after chemical treatments (perming, coloring etc.)?

    It is suggested to use 2 weeks of sensitive soothing shampoo for your scalp to regain the moisture and normal condition. Consult your scalp therapist or talk to our scalp expert to know more about it.

  • How long do I have to use juliArt to see improvements?

    We totally understand how you feel. Consumers who have hair loss concerns would hope to see improvement as soon as possible. Generally speaking, we suggest having a 6-month period of observation. However, hair loss is a complex condition, so visit juliArt licensed salon and get a full scalp check. The certified scalp therapist will provide a full recommendation based on individual scalp condition.

  • How often shall I use hair oil?

    We would suggest using hair oil after shampooing. If you have heavily damaged hair, please consult your hair designer for more professional advice.

  • How often shall I use an oil balance scalp mask?

    It is suggested to have a 4-week treatment with an oil balance scalp mask. We know it may sound too intensive, but for a super oil scalp, it is necessary to have an oil balance mask to regulate the sebum and oil secretion. Once the scalp environment gets back to normal, you may follow the recommended cleaning procedures as usual.

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4 Pack Trial-Sized for Common Scalp Concerns ( Oil Dandruff, Thin Hair, Oil Scalp, Dry Itchy, 30ml *4 bottles)