Our Story

“ If you draw a circle by charcoal, you will see your true origin , who you are at presence and eternity.”

Meet Our Founder: Eric

We keep seeking for the purity and looking for better possibilities in hair industry- as drawing the circle with no ends and approaches as perfect as possible. With expertise and dedication of product development, juliArt insists on efficacy, environmentally friendly, and eventually revitalization of hair roots.

Our history

  • 1954-2003
    • Research and Design
      Our story began in 1954 and we started manufacturing hair care products for professional market since then.
    • 2003 Established MacroHi.
  • 2010:Early Success

    Collaborate with lab and dermatologists
    to obtain natural 5α Avocuta which balances sebum secretion

  • 2013-2014:The Birth of juliArt

    juliArt launched and Targeted professional hair industry
    and launched in department stores

  • 2015-2016:Impressed Hair Industry
    • juliArt collaborated with professional salon channels
    • NcPA implemented in CISPER series
  • 2017-2018:An Exciting Year
    • HIT-Hair Care Institute of Trichology was founded for professional scalp education.
    • Scalp therapists in the salon industry were well trained by HIT as the roots of scalp care education.
    • Exhibited in COSMOPROF Bologna & COSMOPROF Hong Kong.
  • 2019:Growth Abroad
    • Duplicated the successful models of scalp care salon abroad.
    • juliArt scalp care centers were launched in Taiwan, Southern
      Asia Pacific and Australia.
  • 2020:Giving Back
    • CISPER Hair Revitalizing Serum was listed as “ The Best New Hair Product” by Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020 and Beauty Award Middle East 2020
    • Certified as B corp., the 26th certified company in Taiwan.
  • 2021-2022:Premium Scalp Care
    • 2021
      juliArt Scalp Care Center officially launched in Taipei Taiwan
      juliArt CISPER Hair Revitalizing Serum was certified as Grand Gold Award byMonde Selection.
    • 2022
      juliArt second Flagship Scalp Care Center was launched in Da An Taipei Taiwan