1-on-1 Online Course with Scalp Educator (30 minutes)

Connect with juliArt scalp educator to gain valuable professional insights. Our dedicated services are specifically designed for hair stylists/ head SPA/ scalp centers seeking a deep understanding of their clients' scalp conditions. Discover exceptional scalp care suggestions and elevate your expertise to new heights.


Professional hair stylists/ Scalp center/ Head SPA or individuals interested in gaining a deeper understanding of scalp knowledge.



  • Offering scalp consultation services for your hair salon/ scalp center/ head SPA
  • Enhance your ability to serve clients by effectively addressing their concerns regarding scalp conditions.

How To Use

  • Step1

    Knowledge Provider: Gain a deeper understanding of topics related to scalp concerns.

    By selecting one specific topic from "ESSENTIAL of SCALP CARE & PATHOLOGY" (paper book), our educators will provide you with in-depth knowledge and expert guidance.

  • Step2

    Consulting: Offering valuable suggestions for improving your scalp service in your business.

    If you require consultation regarding your scalp service in your business, the highly skilled juliArt scalp educators are readily available to address your inquiries and offer personalized suggestions.

  • Accuracy

    See the roots with 500M pixels.

  • Customer relationship

    Record details of each treatment and products used/purchased.

  • Multi analysis comparison

    To track the efficacy of treatments from time to time.

  • Plant-powered

    Take care of scalp with an effective and mild herbal formula.

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juliArt online scalp basic packge_30 mins 1-on-1 Online Course with Scalp Educator
1-on-1 Online Course with Scalp Educator (30 minutes)