What's NcPA?

  • Patented ingredient

    The Japanese patented hair growth ingredient has a molecular weight of only 400, which means it can easily penetrate the skin and reach the dermis to stimulate the production of elastic fibers and collagen.

  • Plant-powered

    NcPA is extracted from soybeans- not only effective for boosting the hydration on the scalp but also powerful in activating the hair growth stem cells.

  • Non-medicated

    Improving hair density by nourishing your scalp. The non-medicated treatment contains the hair-growing patented ingredient- NcPA to improve moisture retention and enhance hair strength, elasticity, and volume.

Why NcPA?

A safer and effective hair revitalization solution

Compared with medical treatment (such as Minoxidil), NcPA shows more consistent and effective performance in hair revitalization.


Papilla cells were treated with NcPA or minoxidil for 24 and 48 hours, and the cell numbers were increased in a bell-shaped and dose-dependent manner as shown in Fig.1. As the effect of NcPA on papilla cell proliferation was higher than that of minoxidil, NcPA might be useful as an accelerating agent of proliferation of human dermal papilla cells.

We found (1) NcPA increased dermal papilla cell proliferation, and (2) NcPA induced mRNA expression of several growth factors. These results indicate that NcPA could increase hair growth via stimulating the proliferation of papilla cells and up-regulating several growth factor mRNA expressions.

Therefore, NcPA is considered to be feasible as an accelerating agent for hair growth and maintenance.

A Japanese-patented hair growth ingredient

Patent No: JP6074411B2

You are welcome to check patent detail via

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  • Jack Androgenetic Alopecia

    Reduced hair loss!

    It doesn’t dry my hair like RogaXX or NioXin, and the scent is pleasant, too.

    Not sure how effective to help regrow my hair, but It stopped my worst hair loss, purpose served!

  • Wang Androgenetic Alopecia

    Must use with hair loss person

    Very good product, very light and no chemical, my hair is sensitive, easy loose hair after shampoo but with this don’t even fall one 100% recommend this.

  • Alexandra Dry dandruff

    It helps my scalp!

    Needless to say about getting rid of flakes, but it really helps a lot with the tight feeling. It was killing!

  • Anthony Psoriasis with oil scalp

    Ends my 30 years nightmare!

    This psoriasis set really helps my scalp and soothes the terrible itchiness. I can finally have a nice sleep now.

  • Ashley Excessive Oil Secretion

    No more greasy hair!!!

    I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my flaky scalp. No more itchiness and bad smell from my scalp.

Product With NcPA

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