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juliArt: A Certified B Corp Pioneering Sustainable Beauty

At juliArt, a certified B Corporation, we believe every action counts in creating a more sustainable future. Collaboration is key, and we’re inspired by the collective efforts within the beauty industry.  We hold ourselves to the highest social and environmental standards, leading by example with a deep commitment to responsible practices.

Our Purpose: Healthy Scalps for All

Our fundamental mission is to offer accessible, healthy scalp solutions to all. Our commitment goes further than just the effectiveness of the juliArt products. We are devoted to reducing our environmental footprint every step of the way.


juliArt Achievements in Sustainability

Harnessing Green Power:
We transitioned to 50% green energy for our operations, with an impressive 60% for the manufacturing process of our core raw materials.

PCR Revolution:
We prioritized sustainability in packaging, with 77.79% of our products sold in PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) bottles.

Pump It Down:
Recognizing the environmental impact of single-use plastics, we shifted to a pump-free design for 96.32% of our 1000mL products.juliArt A B Corp leading the way in sustainable beauty with BS 8001 certification shampoo pump

Forests for the Future:
We committed to responsible sourcing by using more than 20% FSC-certified paper from sustainable forests for our packaging.
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jjuliArt Aims for Carbon Neutrality by 2024

We are diligently working towards achieving PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality certification, underscoring our dedication to minimizing our carbon footprint. Our ambition is to achieve total carbon neutrality by 2024, through our ongoing investments in renewable energy and compensating for any residual emissions with carbon credits.

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