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Re-stArt: Uniting Communities for Environmental and Social Good

At juliArt, we are committed to the belief that a healthy environment begins with mindful consumption. Our re-stArt initiative embodies this belief, going beyond the cleansing of waterways to inspire our community to become active stewards of the environment. From a CSR perspective, we empower underprivileged children by using art to bring color and hope into their lives. 


Re-stArt: Collaborative Impact

This time, we teamed up with the amazing charity, The Can, to remove a record amount of trash from local streams. Our joint efforts showcased the power of community action. This cleanup was a strong demonstration of our collective environmental impact. We also repurposed soybean bags as garbage bags during the event.

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The impact of re-stArt extended beyond the environment. We encouraged participants to support local underprivileged children and youth by dining at The Can. The proceeds from the meals provided much-needed assistance, reminding us that environmental and social well-being are deeply connected.

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Additionally, the re-stArt initiative fostered discussions on source reduction strategies. Volunteers gained valuable insights into how daily choices and consumption habits can minimize environmental impact at its root. 

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juliArt re-stArt Partner: The Can

“It takes a community to raise a child.” In New Taipei City, The Can, a certified B Corp, supports local underprivileged children and youth to find their passions. Their afterschool program, Grass Book House (小草書屋), partners with volunteers and teachers to provide kids with a safe, enriching place to go.

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Yet, The Can knows helping children isn’t enough; supporting their families is key. Thus, they’ve set up a Can’s Village ( 合習聚落 ) selling soybean products and locally produced products, offering jobs and preserving local traditions. Focused on quality, The Can’s efforts have won numerous awards, fostering a positive community impact.

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