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Why juliArt Joined Pledge 1% Movement?

Have you heard of Pledge 1%

It’s a global movement where businesses pledge to donate 1% of their profits, equity, and/or employee time towards charitable causes. juliArt is excited to announce that we have joined this movement as a way to give back to our community and support the causes we believe in. (Learn more Pledge 1 %

At juliArt, we have always believed in the importance of corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community. Joining the Pledge 1% movement was the perfect way for us to align our values with our actions. By pledging 1% of our profits, we can make a tangible impact on the causes we care about.

The Pledge 1% movement was founded by leaders in the tech industry. But it’s not just for tech companies. Any business, big or small, can pledge 1% and make a difference in their community. In fact, there are over 10,000 companies that have joined the movement so far.

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We’re part of the Pledge 1% initiative

For juliArt, we have decided to donate 1% of our profits towards supporting local art programs for underprivileged children. We believe that every child should have access to the arts, and we want to do our part in making that happen.

In addition to donating 1% of our profits, we will also be encouraging our employees to volunteer their time towards charitable causes. This will provide our team with an opportunity to get involved in the community and make a meaningful impact.

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Giving back rewards us with even more

By giving back to the community, we are strengthening our relationships with our customers, employees, and stakeholders. We hope that our commitment to the Pledge 1% movement will inspire other businesses to do the same.

 We are excited to join the Pledge 1% movement and make a difference in our community. We encourage other businesses to consider joining this movement and pledge their support towards charitable causes. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world.

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