Pre- and Post-Perming Care

Let us see how ‘Perming’ proceeds. It needs to go through strong chemical reaction with hydrogen peroxide which is a pH value of 10-13 alkaline factor. More than that, designers will use combs, curling irons and other tools to permanently curl or straighten your hair. During perming process, the sebum and moisture of scalp is massively altered which result in discomforts, such as itchiness, burning feelings and dandruff. For those customers who have scalp problems (dermatitis and psoriasis for example), the discomforts may get even worse.


Chemical treatments can be protected by using pre-treatment products which prevent from further damage and provides adequate nutrients intime. Scalp isolation agents must be applied to keep scalp away from chemical agents.

Here are two powerful natural ingredients for scalp protection.

Glycyrrhetinic acid: extracted from liquorice roots or stolon which effectively gives anti-inflammatory activities.

Aloe Vera: commonly seen on facial caring products which soothes inflammation and wounds. It can be a temporary solution to treat the symptoms of a mild burn or skin rash.

After-Perm Care is Important

It is also crucial to perform after-perm caring. As discussed previously, perming may lead to dry and sensitive scalp. Hair and Scalp have been undergoing a chemical transformation, meaning that it is also getting damaged. It is therefore crucial to take care of scalp and hair after perming. It is recommended to use proper conditioning products to keep hair smooth and moisture. Soothing and moisturizing are 2 key points that you may consider for your scalp protection.


Evlate your perming day today.

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