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Dermatologist Recommended Hair Growth Products For Women and Men

Hair growth has been gaining more and more popularity recently as people nowadays are suffering from hair loss/hair fall more than ever before. It is estimated that almost 80% of the population suffers from hair loss and it is quite common. People have sadly started to accept it and consider it as a problem which cannot be solved. This is quite sad because due to this attitude, people have allowed the disease to take over a huge chunk of the population.

So what if I told you you can control hair loss right from your home? Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t have to go anywhere, you have to just change a few products and some habits here and there which will make a significant difference. The question is, are you ready for a change?

We have here “juliArt” a famous brand which is exclusively recommended by dermatologists and its products have been tested. juliArt believes that healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp is a result of a healthy body. Due to this, they have devised a few special treatments which cater to the problem we talked about earlier in this article. Without further due, let’s dive in quick.


The first treatment is called “CISPER Treatment” it consists of three products namely CISPER Hair revitalizing Shampoo, CISPER Hair revitalizing Scalp Restorer and CISPER Hair Serum. Each of these products has its own distinctive purpose which is fulfilled by its special formula. The Hair Revitalising Shampoo is a master of strengthening thin hair by adding volume and making it look lush thick. The vitamin B3 derivative helps in slowing down the aging process which ensures less hair fall. It is so powerful at what it does that it is advised to use 2-3 times a week and that will be enough in most cases.

Next up is CISPER’s Hair Revitalising Scalp Restorer. It provides support to the shampoo by walking on the same footsteps by also strengthening the hair and retaining moisture. It is a simple spray which has to be used once the scalp and hair are cleaned. It helps a long way in keeping the scalp hair healthy and fresh. Lastly, we have the CISPER Hair Revitalising Serum which increases the hair follicle and collagen activity. It also removes that extra oil from the hair so that it doesn’t look oily and greasy while maintaining the shine of the strand. Moreover, it is so easy to apply! Just use it on the patches where you feel is affected and that’s it! You are good to go. That’s how simple CISPER products are.


Moving forward, let me introduce the second treatment which is called “E-C-H-O” treatment. E stands for Exfoliation, C stands for cleaning, H stands for Hydration and O is for obvious growth. It is a quick and easy 4-step treatment which is determined to deliver better than expected results. Exfoliation is carried out by Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo and repairing mask. Cleaning is done with the help of 4 products but you have to choose one based on your scalp needs. The choices are Cisper Hair revitalizing Shampoo, dandruff relief shampoo, oil balance shampoo, sensitive soothing shampoo. Next hydration is also carried out with 1 out of 4 products so the choices are Cisper Hair revitalizing scalp restorer, Dandruff relief scalp restorer, oil balance scalp restorer, and sensitive soothing scalp restorer. And the final step is our favorite, the Overall Growth. It is done with the help of CISPER Revitalizing Serum.


Using our treatments will surely result in the hair that you long for and desire. Hopefully, we think this article served some value to you and showed you new possibilities of decreasing hair loss.

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