How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair? A Review from &COSME Japan

Yes! Here are some tips on how to fix your dry and damaged hair properly!

Hair conditioner tips and suggested frequency

  • Every time after you use shampoo.
  • Hair conditioner on your hair not your scalp.
  • Hair conditioner can detangle and reduce your hair breakage and split ends

How to repair your dry hair? Keep your scalp healthy first!

Find your scalp type and shampoo your hair and scalp at the right frequency

Don’t forget to deep clean your scalp regularly!

( Why do I have to deep cleanse my scalp? )

Thank &COSME Japan and OMIJIKA for reviewing juliArt Hair product.

OMIJIKA said ” I have a very dry and sensitive scalp. I sweat easily during summer and I have dandruff in the winter. I’m surprised that juliArt Damask Rose Conditioner and Shampoo can smooth my dry hair effectively without weighing down my hair and hydrates my frizzy hair with the lovely damask rose smell. “- Read more from &COSME Japan

OMIJIKA mentioned the features of juliArt healthy hair and scalp product:

  • ph5.5
  • Silicone free
  • Sulfate free (No SLS)
  • No Paraben, No harsh chemicals.
  • Artificial Coloring Free
  • Amino Acid Surfactant
  • Soap free

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