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Our Path to Carbon Neutrality: A Sustainable Journey with ISO 14064

In the fight against climate change, juliArt stands out as a leader committed to sustainability. Through innovative strategies re-stArt and a firm dedication to reducing our carbon footprint.

We have achieved ISO 14064 certification.

In March 2024, our parent company, Macrohi, successfully achieved ISO 14064 certification, showcasing our steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship. This prestigious certification, issued by bsi, underscores our commitment to strict carbon accounting and management standards, highlighting our role in advancing sustainability.

The 2023 Emissions Report

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At the heart of juliArt’s sustainability efforts is its “re-stArt” strategy, focusing on 3R: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, and cutting carbon emissions. This comprehensive approach drives efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

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Impressively, we’ve achieved a 7% reduction in our annual electricity consumption through meticulous usage management and the centralization of our electricity facilities. Furthermore, we’ve reached an impressive milestone of 50% renewable energy utilization each year, demonstrating our commitment to embracing cleaner energy sources.

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Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2024

We continue our journey towards carbon neutrality by the end of 2024, it serves as an inspiring example of corporate environmental leadership. By prioritizing sustainability and embracing innovation, juliArt demonstrates the transformative power of businesses in shaping a more sustainable world for future generations.