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Sustainable Choice for Salons: juliArt, a Certified B Corporation

At juliArt, a certified B Corporation, we believe every action counts in creating a more sustainable future. Collaboration is key, and we’re inspired by the collective efforts within the beauty industry.  

Since 2020, our company, MacroHI Co., Ltd., has proudly held B Corp certification, starting with an initial score of 87. However, we didn’t become complacent with our achievements. Dedicated to upholding our rigorous standards, we implemented our Re-Start Strategy, which has significantly improved our performance, culminating in an impressive score of 101 this year.

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What is Re-stArt? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Art Education 

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The operation of Re-stArt focuses on both environmental and social impact

  • Reduce
    We have transitioned to 50% renewable energy in our operations and 60% in manufacturing our raw materials. Our commitment to sustainability shines through our sourcing, with over 20% of our packaging paper being FSC-certified from sustainably managed forests.
  • Recycle
    We have upgraded juliArt 1000ml and 220ml product bottles to 100% recycled materials, utilizing rPET and rPE for a more sustainable solution.
  • Reuse
    To tackle the challenge of recycling pump dispensers, we’ve initiated a “No Pump Dispensers” campaign for our 1000mL shampoo bottles, aiming to reduce plastic use by 527kg and cut carbon emissions by over 1,000kg annually.
  • Art Education
    juliArt is committed to revitalizing art education in rural areas, bringing inspiration to children through the power of art.

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Our philosophy is founded on the harmonious relationship between nature and humanity, guiding us on a transformative path towards establishing a circular economy. This circular philosophy permeates every aspect of our operations, from product development to execution, aiming to forge a future where coexistence with the environment and society symbolizes harmony and mutual progress. (Pledge 1% Movement of juliArt.)

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Our B corp journey is far from solitary; it represents a collective endeavor involving our employees, customers, salon partners, and suppliers, aimed at fortifying the salon industry as a whole. As board members of the B Beauty Coalition, we exchange insights on how juliArt has not only advanced sustainability but also inspired the wider beauty industry, all contributing towards a shared vision of a sustainable future.