• I am new to the scalp care area, do you offer any training sessions to distributors?
    juliArt offers a full range of scalp training, product training, customer service support for our certified distributor. juliArt cooperates with HIT (Hair Care Institute of Trichology) for professional scalp therapist courses. After participating in courses and passing the exams, you will have the opportunity to be certified as a juliArt scalp therapist.
  • Do you also take private label orders?
    No, we focus solely on our own brand products. Welcome to contact us and give juliArt scalp care treatment a try.
  • What are the channels for your brands?
    juliArt is a scalp care brand for professional channels, such as scalp treatment centers, hair salons, head spa, beauty spa, dermatologic clinics and aesthetic clinics. Contact juliArt if you are looking for a brand that add values to your business.
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