• Why is exfoliating liquid shampoo used on dry scalp? Isn’t it a shampoo?

    Exfoliating liquid shampoo is an edge-cutting form of shampoo, therefore the way of usage is different from normal shampoos. It was specially designed as liquid form, therefore there is no need to use it on a wet scalp.

  • After shampooing, anything else recommended for hair repair?

    For damaged hair, it is essential to use rinse-off and leave-in products. Fortifying hair mask and hair oil would be something you want to go for shiny and strong hair.

  • What is the pH of juliArt products?

    For avoiding over-cleansing or triggering skin allergy,  the scalp products should be as close as scalp ph level. juliArt scalp care products: ph5.5 (scalp ph is about ph 5.5) juliArt hair care products: ph 3.5 (hair ph is about ph 3.5)

  • Does juliArt test on animals?

    juliArt has never tested on animals during product research, development, and manufacturing processes. We do not own any animal testing facilities, and we never ask others to test on animals for us.

  • Are juliArt ingredients natural?

    All our products formulas are plant-based. There are no artificial coloring, dimethicone, SLS, and no chemical preservatives in our products.

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