8 Reasons to Offer Scalp Care Treatments in Your Hair Salon in 2021

Self-education about scalp care

Look at you! Already wanting to learn about scalp care. I love hair stylists that are always learning, it’s pretty inspiring.

This filters through to your clients too – positive vibes.

This shows you as an individual or a team like to keep up-to-date on your training. Clients are impressed when you invest yourself into furthering your education to be at the top of your game. Scalp care is an added service to broaden your education and offer great service in the hairdressing salon. It shows you are interested in all thing’s hair, and we need to have broad education to be able to deal with whatever walks through the salon door.

Client confidence in scalp care

How easy is it to offer a service to clients when you believe in it?

Scalp care has opened my eyes to educate my clients too, offering treatments I believe are beneficial.

Clients need to feel you know what you’re talking about! Having a specialized range offers the opportunity to know your stuff. In salon knowing more about scalp care can really bring confidence to clients looking for a knowledgeable stylist. Clients want to feel they are getting valuable advice in salon, with being educated and equipped with the right products will build trust. When it’s so specialized, and you’re confident it sets your clients up to try new services in the salon.

Selling scalp care with intention

Sales, sales, sales. We hate them. But- what if you learned to love them?

Not just that but you feel it comes from a healthcare perspective – helping people.

Most hairdressers I’ve worked with hate sales. We don’t want to push products and services at our clients. From learning about scalp care, most people will benefit from having scalp care treatments. Selling to help someone look after their health, improve their life, have more wellness in their hair care regimen is way more natural to me than selling something to make their hair appear shiny. The intention being – were looking after people, not just their hair. The intent behind selling a scalp care product is to bring wellness and health to your client’s needs.

Increased revenue from scalp care services

Potential sales and increased revenue are always beneficial in business.

Yup, money makes the world go around, and scalp care treatments could just be the booster you’re looking for.

From a business woman’s perspective – It is a great in salon revenue booster. You can use it as an opportunity to sell wellness packages. Add quick scalp treatments to the backwash area, sell products to maintain different scalp types and target clients looking for particular services. I’ve worked in salons that have offered head massage and I’ve gained clients myself through these personal touches too.

Business opportunity – specialist scalp treatments

One of my favorite sayings – don’t be a sheep. Sometimes attracting clients comes from being different from the rest.

Stand out, offer scalp care treatments in the salon.

Maybe none of the competition in your area offers a specialist scalp care range or advise? If you want to stand out in salons, be different. Offer things other salons don’t. This will help you attract a different clientele, meaning new customers and then loyalty to your unique services. Being the same as every salon means you are direct competition so why not make it so there’s no competition when it comes to scalp care in your town?

Relaxed healthier scalps

The obvious point of offering scalp care in the salon is, well, healthier scalps.

Scalp treatments and care offer extended client care. I’ve not met a hairdresser that doesn’t want to help people, I think it’s part of our job. There are some people out there that won’t use color or certain shampoos because of the health of their scalp. We could offer the opportunity to look after these clients. We want clients to be well, in good health, and happy. Scalp care can bring a spa-like element to the salon, giving a relaxed environment. Not only that, but a healthier scalp. Maybe even helping with issues like stress, self-care and overstretched clients.

People are interested in health and wellness

Now alternative therapies are growing showing people are interested in new (or old) ideas.

Scalp care can cross over into this kind of treatment.

The world is starting to care more about wellness. We are looking more and more into different therapies, ancient treatments and more holistic approaches to our lifestyles. Wellness is a growing industry and we are becoming more aware of how we treat our bodies and what we put on them. I get some clients that are pretty clued up on ingredients, company ethics, healthy hair rituals and scalp facts. We do our research now, so it’s pretty cool that clients are already looking into something you could be offering specialist treatments with. People want a little wellness, so it’s great to get involved with to attract them clients.

Overall scalp care can build the hairdresser-client relationship.

Maybe your client is going through a lot of stress, maybe they suffer from their confidence and maybe your scalp care treatments can help.

You’re in the business of people, and that means dealing with lots of situations. Scalp care can offer a safe space for someone to feel comfortable enough to talk about what’s going on in their life. Us as hairdressers are so very privileged to be the listener and friend to our clients. If someone is stressed, hormonal, struggling with confidence we can help with treatments. We can do this by eliminating the dry scalp, being a judgement free listener, or giving someone a relaxing treatment to calm their stress. People sometimes need empathy and care.

What greater client care is looking after them in a time of need?

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