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Why scalp care is an important service at any successful hair salon


Every successful salon owner is always looking for opportunities to increase revenue in ways that genuinely add value for their clients and make stylists excited to offer the service to their customers. 

But finding ways to do that can be tricky. You want to make sure the service can be offered at a rate that fairly compensates your stylists and provides profit for you, all while making your clients feel like they had a truly exceptional experience at your salon. 

So that’s where scalp care services come in. Many clients have scalp care needs ranging from dry scalp to oily scalp to dandruff to hair loss and many other conditions, and will happily pay someone to help them with these needs.

So, want to find out why and how you should offer scalp care services to your clients? Keep reading to learn more!

Top 5 reasons why scalp care is an important service at any successful hair salon

You instantly set yourself apart

Not all salons offer scalp care services from trained technicians and specially formulated and dermatologist-tested scalp products, so offering this service immediately sets you apart in terms of holistic client care.

Scalp care services are versatile: they are easy to upsell and add to existing services or offer as standalone services.

Whether you already have the client in your chair for another service like a color or perm, or if you want to get them back to the salon, you can offer scalp care services to suit their needs.

For example, you might offer


Offering scalp treatments creates opportunities to introduce new and unique products to your clients

Providing scalp care is the perfect opportunity to introduce new and exciting products to your clients that they can take home to continue their hair and scalp care routine. For example, if a client struggles with a dry, itchy scalp, you can provide them with an initial treatment and send them home with a soothing shampoo for at-home care.

You become a one-stop-shop by offering holistic care for a client’s scalp and hair

People are busy, and if you can offer them the convenience of having all their scalp and hair care needs handled in one place, that will be a huge plus for a lot of clients. And, as we mentioned earlier, offering this holistic scalp plus hair care service sets you apart right away and creates upselling opportunities.

It builds trust and leads to repeat services

When clients feel fully cared for and like they can rest assured knowing their every need is considered at your salon, it builds trust. Clients who trust your salon and see the results that your stylists can create for them are more likely to return for more services, which is a win-win-win! Your clients win, your stylists win and you win as the salon owner!

Ready to get started with offering scalp care services to your salon customers?

We recommend starting with the juliArt scalp care line, which has products specially formulated for all scalp types, including dry, oily, itchy, sensitive, dandruff and color-treated. Visit the juliArt website and contact us to get started today!

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