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Traveling is almost always filled with joy and fun. Plus the curiosity that what a new place holds for one. It is the place, people, food and cultural punch that makes a great trip into a memorable one. Now, the only hassle traveling brings other than packing is the new weather and a different climate. The most affected areas of those factors are our hair, skin, and scalp. We accepted that as a challenge and hence crafted something special for you. Let’s find that out.


Firstly, allow me to introduce the brand who crafted this amazing pack of greatness. juliArt, committed to providing premium professional scalp and hair care solutions. They understand various needs of different scalp types and hair types hence formulating products based on what your scalp and hair needs.

Coming back to our travel kit, introducing the E-C-H-O treatment which is a great travel companion as it is all you need for your hair while traveling. It consists of 4 different stages. E stands for Exfoliation, C goes for Cleansing, H stands for Hydration and lastly, O stands for Obvious Growth. This is the methodology of this treatment. Let’s dive a little deeper and see why it is a great travel companion.

juliArt scalp care travel set 

Starting with Exfoliation; Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo. Quite easy to apply, Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo is to be applied with ample amount on your DRY scalp and massage with your fingertips. Rinse it off with water after leaving it for 1-2 minutes. It removes all the dirt and clogging in your pores and makes it breathable.

Next up is Cleansing and there are four different variants depending on your hair conditions. They have different products like Oil Balance Shampoo which caters to the oily textured hair whereas Dandruff Relief Shampoo which relieves your hair from dandruff if that’s what something you’ve been suffering from. Next stage is Hydration, and again, these brands take care of the smallest of the small details. Hence, has crafted 4 different shampoos based on your specific scalp needs which provide amazing hydration.

Lastly, the best part of this treatment is the Growth stage. The product used in this stage is CISPER Revitalising Serum. This is a beast when it comes to the increasing hair follicle and collagen activity hence increasing the blood circulationHowever, you don’t have to apply it all over your scalp. It is supposed to be used in the areas where they seem to be affected. And using it twice daily (Morning + Evening) is all you need. So as I mentioned I before this kit?? should be on your list while traveling next time. It comes in travel size so as to not mess with your weight or sizing specifications??. Instead, it replaces your shampoo and conditioner bags. It will definitely nurture your scalp which helps in nourishing for better hair, as we all know, “Healthy hair comes from healthy Scalp”.

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