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Tackling Scalp Odor: Hair Pro Consultations & Solutions

As hairstylists, it’s essential to address the common challenge of managing oily scalps and the associated problem of persistent scalp odor. Many clients may not even be aware of this issue, making it crucial for us to guide them through effective solutions.

The key indicator of scalp odor is the faint oily scent that lingers even after washing, signaling a problem that needs attention. This often stems from

  • Inadequate cleansing and shampoo routine.
  • Using products that don’t match scalp type leads to buildup and residue.


Which scalp types are most often linked to scalp odor?

  • Oily scalp: This type produces more sebum and faster than others, often becoming greasy within a day after shampooing.
  • Scalp with buildup: A scalp with significant buildup clogged at the hair roots.

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2 Strategies to Fight Scalp Odor (Important for Client Consultations)

1. Correct washing routine: Shampoo twice in every use.

    • First wash: Focus on eliminating the day’s dirt and oil buildup.
    • Second wash: Gently massage the scalp to boost blood flow and achieve a deeper cleanse.

Note for Hair Pros: The entire shampooing process should take 1-2 minutes; longer durations can dehydrate the scalp and trigger excess oil production as a protective response.

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2. Regular scalp exfoliating frequency
Our Guide to Salon Scalp Scrubs: Texture, Benefits covers the top scalp scrub recommendations. Additionally, consider matching the exfoliation frequency to how quickly their scalp produces sebum after shampooing.

Ask your clients, “How quickly does your scalp get greasy after shampooing?”
Based on their response, recommend the following exfoliation schedule:

    • Greasy within a day: Exfoliate 1-2 times per week.
    • Greasy between 1-2 days: Exfoliate once a week.
    • Greasy after 3 days or never gets greasy: Exfoliate once every two weeks.

Note for Hair Pros: Adjust the frequency of exfoliation based on the weather or your client’s daily scalp or hair challenges. “The more sebum the scalp produces, the more frequently it needs to be exfoliated.”

Top Pick Scalp Scrub for Hair Pros: Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo



By guiding the clients through these challenges and recommending the use of scalp restorers enriched with potent antibacterial elements, we can help them achieve a healthier scalp environment and enjoy fresh, vibrant locks. It’s all about mastering a comprehensive approach to conquer scalp odor and ensure our clients maintain fresh, healthy-looking hair.