Perming Brings Me Thinning Hair

Everyone will face the hair loss problem and the cause of hair loss can be categorized from 2 aspects- internal and external one. Internal factors result from genetic heritage, pressure, medication, giving birth, diet and so on. Theses are factor that may influence metabolism to result in abnormal hair loss. Whereas the external factors may come from chemical hair treatment, such as perming and coloring), medication, smoking, endocrine and scalp disorders which stop hairs from healthy growing and eventually leads to hair loss.

Getting a perm or coloring will save you a lot of time every morning and keep your favorite style for quite some time. A basic perm involves the use of chemicals, combs, and flat or curling irons to permanently straighten or curl your hair. A basic coloring uses chemical that opens the cuticle and allows the hair color to penetrate the cortex of the hair. However, it is unlikely perming and coloring will hair loss if it is done by a professional.

People with chemical treatment on hair are more likely having scalp irritation which may lead to hair thinning and breakage. Scalp itself may get itchy and flaky because of the irritations. It is crucial to maintain scalp health and with adequate after-perming and after-coloring care, scalp will recover itself at a faster pace.

But How to Keep My Scalp Healthy?

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  • Scalp massage: use fingertips to gently massage scalp every day to improve blood circulation on scalp for better hair growth
  • Choose suitable products: everyone has different scalp type, so it is necessary to use the right products for better protection and nutrition.
  • Maintain eating habit: Avoid taking spicy, fried, sweets food as these foods may irritate excessive scalp oil secretions.
  • Powerful daily routine for good health and more energy: lack of consistency in sleep quantity or quality may slow down metabolism and worsen hair loss situation. Regular exercise improves metabolism as well as blood circulation to empower your day and hair roots!

But What Ingredients in Hair Products Keep My Hair Strong?

For people who have concerns about hair loss, it is recommended to use products which stimulate hair growth, strengthen follicle,s and inhibit DHT -Dihydrotestosterone, the important causative role in pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness). Take the below ingredients as examples:


NcPA is a worldwide patented ingredient is extracted from soybean which effectively strengthens hair follicles and improves scalp circulation for hair growth. Learn more about miracle of NCPA



5-alpha Avocuta is avocado oil butyl esters that limits excessive sebum secretion by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase activity which helps decrease the production of DHT. In a word, to inhibit hair loss factors.

Make sure to have correct cleaning procedure, choose the right products and regular daily routine to have breathable hair and strong scalp!

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