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The IRB Has Spoken: 14 Days juliArt Scalp Products Proven Effective for Oily Dandruff Treatment

The efficacy of juliArt products in treating oily dandruff has been validated by the IRB review

The human effectiveness tests for the safety and efficacy of products containing Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex and Sodium Usnate on oily dandruff have been released. These results are crucial for understanding the effects of these compounds on the scalp condition.

Execution period for this project: April 14 to May 5, 2023

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The IRB-approved product: juliArt Oily Dandruff ECHO system


Human Study Confirms 74.10% Dandruff Improvement with juliArt Oily dandruff ECHO System

To test the effectiveness of the dandruff relief lines on people, we obtained approval from the research ethics committee (TH-IRB-0022-0021) for a human study, recruiting 20 men and women ages 20 to 65 with an oily, dandruff-prone scalp. Participants then underwent a 14-day long-term evaluation at our research facility.

On average, after a 14-day period, the rate of dandruff improvement significantly increases to 74.10%. We are proud to report that 99% of our customers are satisfied with the results and agree that our products effectively improve scalp conditions.

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juliArt oily dandruff IRB result_ECHO scalp care solution_condition table-04-01


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The juliArt juliArt Oily dandruff ECHO System (including Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo, Dandruff Relief Shampoo, and Restorer) underwent human trials that proved their efficacy in significantly improving scalp dandruff. According to the efficacy report, products in the dandruff relief series gently remove excess scalp oil and effectively reduce scalp itchiness while aiding in reducing dandruff.

The final results showcase a noticeable improvement in scalp condition, effectively relieving discomfort and reducing redness on the scalp without stimulating it. Its rich foam swiftly encapsulates grease and oil on the scalp, making it a highly recommended product line, with 95% of users willing to continue using the juliArt dandruff relief products.

Reaching the perfect balance of oil and moisture for the scalp is key to healthy hair. Avoid products that strip oil away from the scalp as this will cause it to produce more oil in response. The feedback showed that 95% of users were highly satisfied with the cleansing power of the products. They were particularly impressed with how well the products did their job without leaving their scalp feeling dry. The foam is easy to rinse off and doesn’t leave any filmy residue.

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The Hero ingredients in the Dandruff Relief Line

Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex

Harnessed from licorice, provides various therapeutic benefits due to its potent components. This powerful natural agent is known to act against inflammation, bacteria, viruses, and oxidants.

Shampoos infused with Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex offer superior benefits owing to higher concentrations of its active compounds. The excellent anti-inflammatory and healing properties protect against harmful pathogens and free radicals that can cause hair and scalp deterioration.

Studies found that molecules weighing under 500 are more successful in penetrating the skin’s barrier and reaching deeper layers. The Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex has a molecular weight of approximately 470, allowing for better penetration and more noticeable results. See the Miracle of Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex


Sodium Usnate

It is fascinating to note the natural antimicrobial property of “Sodium Usnate” derived from lichens that have thrived on Earth for over 600 million years. The lichens’ survival against bacteria despite drastic shifts in the planet’s crust and asteroid impacts is admirable.

Several studies have confirmed that lichen extract is a potent natural antimicrobial agent with excellent anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing properties. Additionally, this distinctive ingredient works as a natural antibiotic and can soothe irritation and reduce redness. Adding it to any product will not only benefit from its antimicrobial properties but also provide soothing and calming effects.



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