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While hair loss can be a difficult topic for many people, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many tried and true methods you can use to help prevent or even reverse hair loss, and we have rounded up five of our favourite proved methods. Keep reading to find out how you can prevent hair loss!

5 proven ways to prevent hair loss

Massage your scalp

This simple trick helps keep your hair growing strong by increasing blood flow to your scalp, which helps to keep hair follicles healthy because the blood carries nutrients to the follicles. Make regular scalp massages part of your weekly or daily routine by giving yourself a quick scalp massage in the shower or while you get ready in the morning!

Prevent buildup and dandruff

Buildup of sebum (the oil produced by your scalp) or hair products can cause your scalp’s pores to become clogged, which, if left too long without intervention, can lead to follicle infection or damage and hair loss. What’s more, this type of buildup can cause dandruff. And, since dandruff can be quite itchy, the inevitable scalp scratching that comes with having dandruff can actually damage your scalp and hair follicles, leading to further hair loss. So, to prevent buildup and dandruff and the resulting hair loss, shampoo regularly with a cleansing and exfoliating liquid shampoo.

Use specially formulated products to activate hair follicles

Reduce stress

Our bodies are smart – they understand that some functions are more essential to survival than others. That’s why when we’re stressed our hair follicles can go into what is called a “resting phase,” where no new hair is created, because our bodies know that our precious nutrients and resources are needed elsewhere for powering our minds and bodies to get us through the stressful situation. And, if our hair follicles stay in the resting phase for too long due to prolonged stress, they can stop growing hair altogether. That’s why stress management is so important for hair and scalp health! To keep your hair growing thick and long, make sure you take steps to manage stress.

Revitalize your scalp roots

Tight hats or regularly tying hair back into a tight bun or ponytail can cause the hair to recede from your hairline due to the stress put on the hair follicle, and can damage or break in the hair strand. To prevent this, avoid regularly wearing tight hats, ponytails and buns and do not tie your hair up while it is still wet, as wet hair is softer and more prone to damage.

With the right products and lifestyle choices, hair loss is preventable for many people, and many people can regrow beautiful, luscious hair.

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