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We all dream of having a full head of beautiful, healthy hair. But sometimes our body has other plans and we experience thinning hair, hair that breaks before it grows to the length we desire or hair loss in one or more areas of our scalp.

Luckily, there are solutions that can help! Proven products, as well as key lifestyle changes, can go a long way to preventing hair loss or even helping hair to grow back.

So whether you already have healthy hair but want to make it thicker, bouncier and shinier or want to encourage your hair to grow back after a period of hair loss, there are many lifestyle and product choices you can make to encourage healthy hair growth or regrowth. Keep reading to learn how to help your hair grow!

5 proven ways to promote hair growth

Stimulate your scalp.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and a healthy scalp needs nutrients. Use a gentle brush, scalp massager or your fingers to massage your scalp and stimulate blood flow. This helps to ensure nutrients make it to your hair follicles, and can help to remove any buildup from your scalp that could be damaging your scalp or clogging hair follicles.


Practice proper nutrition.

Our bodies know that our hair is not vital to our survival, so if our bodies are unhealthy or lacking nutrition, it will reduce production of non-vital things like hair, skin and nails. This part of why we often see hair loss in people who have recently gone through surgery, suffered a serious illness or lived with a restricted diet.

So to get your hair back on track and growing beautifully again, make sure you are consuming proper nutrition and staying as healthy as possible, and talk to your doctor if help is needed in managing your nutrition.


Reduce stress.

Stress can cause hair loss because, under periods of high stress, hair follicles can go into a prolonged or inappropriately timed “resting phase” where they don’t grow. All hair follicles cycle through a natural resting phase as part of the hair growth cycle, but high stress can push hair into this phase at the wrong time or for too long, resulting in hair loss a few months after the stressful event.

So if you experienced a highly stressful period and noticed significant hair loss afterwards, you are not alone, and reducing stress often allows the hair to grow back.


Use fortifying treatments to strengthen your hair.

You don’t want to do all the work to get your hair growing again only for it to break off from damage, weakness or split ends, which can cause the ends of your hair to snap when brushed. Try a strengthening shampoo and conditioner combo, like our Fortifying and Color Retention Shampoo, which contains Amino Acids to strengthen the hair strands, and our Splendid Magic Plus Hair Complex, which contains lavender, elderberry and moringa extracts for hair strength and can be mixed with your conditioner in the shower or used as a light leave-in conditioner after your shower.


Use the juliArt scalp health and hair growth system.

There are a couple of products that cover hair loss concerns, but most hair loss products don’t prove their efficiency. The product with NcPA, a patented hair growth ingredient (Miracle of NcPA ), you can also see the outcome of the IRB test


Scalp Case study for hair loss. 

Oily scalp with hair loss
Oily scalp: your scalp gets greasy within 1 day since washing.

Dry scalp with hair loss
Dry scalp: your scalp gets greasy 3 days or more since washing.


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