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Elevating Rural Art Education & Preserving Cultural Heritage

Since 2020, juliArt and XISHUI ART CARE have teamed up to elevate rural art education and nurture cultural sustainability. Moving beyond basic art programs, this partnership embraces the B Corp spirit of “sustainability”, aiming to empower rural children and safeguard the precious heritage of the Bunun people, an indigenous group in Taiwan. 

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Bridging the Gap: Preserving Lost Cultural Treasures

Working in rural education for over a decade, XISHUI ART CARE’s Chairman Mr. Hong, and his team have witnessed the cultural gap facing Bunun communities. Modernization and language shift threaten their unique traditions, including the captivating “Pestle Music” and the world-renowned “Pasibutbut” polyphonic singing, listed as Taiwan’s intangible cultural heritage.

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Reviving Traditions Through Art Education

Recognizing this challenge, we took a proactive approach. We delved into Bunun music knowledge, using modern teaching methods and Western notation to systematically preserve it. This allows the Bunun people to effectively mentor young Bunun children in learning and appreciating their own artistic legacy.

“We prioritize protection first,” says Mr. Hong. “Preserving the foundation allows for future innovation. By equipping young minds with new tools, we empower them to develop their cultural heritage from within.”

Through creative song composition incorporating the Bunun mother tongue, children sing, dance, and learn together. This not only safeguards their cultural treasures but also ignites a passion for carrying them forward.

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Expanding Horizons: Empowering Communities 

The collaboration between juliArt and XISHUI has undeniably made significant contributions in various areas:

  • Enriching the art education of rural children
  • Preserving the traditional culture of the Bunun people
  • Promoting sustainable development within rural communities

By joining forces, we are nurturing thriving rural communities and safeguarding the lasting prosperity of the Bunun people’s invaluable cultural heritage. Furthermore, we are committed to providing future generations with unparalleled art education.