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Total Solution for Professional Salons | COSMOPROF BOLOGNA

Experience the signature juliArt scalp treatment – ECHO as the standard procedure for all kinds of scalp types. Get a scalp analysis onsite with a complete scalp report, knowing your scalp type, how you take care of your scalp, what kind of products you shall go for.

Scalp Care in Professional Salons

juliArt provides a full range of scalp care products for professional salons.

juliArt offers a comprehensive Scalp Care Management System E-C-H-O (Exfoliating, Cleaning, Hydrating, and Overall Growth) that includes a premium line- CISPER series for hair revitalization. Moreover, juliArt is equipped with patented ScalpX software that enables all scalp care practical and approvable. Visit us at Cosmoprof and see the true origin of scalp care with subtle products and service of juliArt.

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Solution for Your Scalp and Your Businesses

Seek for more revenue in your salon?

Come and visit juliArt booth. Let us show you the proven cases with scalp care in professional channels and how you could make the best use of your skills to get more frequent customer visits.


Get a complimentary CISPER hair revitalizing kit to try. For salon related customers, leave us your info and we will provide a full set of juliArt products to speed up the implementation in your salon!

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