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Ranked 7 in “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award”(CSR), in the SMEs by CommonWealth Magazine

What is Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award?

The annual Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, by CommonWealth Magazine, is the largest and most organized CSR and ESG performance evaluation tailored for Taiwan’s companies. Four judging criteria cover corporate commitment, social participation, environmental sustainability, and corporate governance, encouraging the participated companies to operate in the ways that enhance society and the environment, to review the transparency & ethics in creation of wealth.

juliArt, with corporate values of “filling the world with love”, promises to contribute at least 1% of total yearly business revenue in developing rural education and environmental sustainability. Through client and consumer communications, juliArt ensures sustainable consumption & production, establishing influence in the industry. juliArt never ceases to optimize the business value via high levels of ESG engagements, helping to achieve a better society and a healthier planet.

Inviting you to review juliArt’s sustainable actions

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Strengthening arts education in rural communities

In terms of social participation, since 2017, juliArt has combined branding and communication expertise to invite the salon partners to support charity promotional scalp care merchandise, raising more than $2 million NTD funds in rural education. juliArt provides a full range of complimentary microscopic scalp examinations and education courses, in multiple public events. In 2022, juliArt joined hands with salon partners to participate in Haircut for Charity, called into action by GOVIN HAIR, fundraising for Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation.


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Continue to increase the proportion of recycled materials and packaging materials

Regarding environmental sustainability, juliArt creates collaborative value through business ecosystems to achieve Sustainable Circular Economy. In 2021, the headquarters have attained 10% renewable energy consumption, and have gradually replaced the bottles of 1000mL-capacity shampoo with 100% recycled plastic (rPE). Currently, there are more than 10 SKUs made of post-consumer recycled (Post Consumer Recycled, PCR) plastics, juliArt plans to gradually make it applicable to the full range of products.


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Setting up a short-, medium- and long-term blueprint for sustainable goals

In terms of corporate governance, juliArt has disclosed the brand’s specific annual sustainability goals & achievements, along with medium & long-term blueprint on official website, inviting all stakeholders to review the results of juliArt’s implementation of sustainable actions. juliArt has established Sustainability Office, convening monthly supervision & sustainable development committee meetings to track sustainability performances and to monitor the progress.


Create a supportive work environment

In terms of corporate commitment, juliArt provides employees’ physical and mental health coverage as part of the health care plan, setting 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Fridays as weekly sports day; being engaged for 5 consecutive weeks to win movie tickets and being engaged for one season to get rewarded for NTD $ 1,000 cash and NTD $3,000 worth of products. Participate in major athletics competitions to get awarded NTD $ 1,000 cash.

juliArt has established a supportive and inclusive workplace; the company’s female middle and senior managers account for 66.7%. Simultaneously, juliArt is committed to build responsible sourcing, including ESG bonus indicators in the supplier evaluation form, and actively encouraging and urging suppliers to practice sustainable actions such as energy conservation.


More sustainability commitments

Confronting the global climate crisis, juliArt has committed to 2030 Net Zero and has set out steps that can be implemented gradually to achieve the goal of net zero emissions. In addition to the 10% renewable energy consumption of the headquarters in 2021, juliArt has also set more sustainable goals, such as 70% PCR recycled material bottles in 2025.

We invite you to continue to pay attention to juliArt’s future sustainable actions.

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