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juliArt: A B Corp leading the way in sustainable beauty with BS 8001 certification

juliArt is a B Corp beauty brand, at the forefront of sustainability, leading the way with its innovative practices. Our commitment to the environment is evident in every aspect of our operations.

We prioritize green design, using recycled materials to create bottle bodies, and optimizing our production process to increase resource recycling rates. Renewable energy powers our operations, further minimizing our carbon footprint. We go the extra mile by recycling and reusing packaging materials, ensuring a circular approach.

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Our commitment to sustainability is recognized through our achievement of the BS 8001 Circular Economy by BSI. This aligns perfectly with the United Nations Climate Action Net Zero Emissions program, highlighting our dedication to a greener future.

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In 2020, juliArt proudly earned the B Corp certification, attaining international recognition and becoming a founding member of the B Beauty Coalition. Through collaborations with esteemed international organizations, we continuously exchange best practices and develop sustainable approaches.

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We have taken further steps to support our environmental initiatives by updating all product packaging with FSC-certified materials. We prioritize the use of rPE and rPET in our shampoo bottles to minimize reliance on virgin plastic.

The pump is manufactured using a combination of materials, posing a challenge for proper recycling. To address this issue and promote sustainable practices, we urge customers to consider reusing the shampoo pump. As a step towards achieving our goal of a zero-emissions future, we actively collaborate with green energy suppliers and diligently measure our carbon footprint with the assistance of BSI.

juliArt A B Corp leading the way in sustainable beauty with BS 8001 certification shampoo pump

Our sustainability commitment extends to our suppliers as well, as we actively work towards establishing a green supply chain. By choosing juliArt products, you are not only embracing beauty but also making a tangible difference in supporting a more sustainable and equitable world.

At juliArt, we believe that businesses can be powerful agents of change. We strive to reduce our environmental impact while uplifting our communities. Join us on this journey towards a better future. Choose juliArt. Choose sustainability.