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Beach Cleanup: Keeping our Beaches Beautiful

Our beach clean-up activity with FORMOSA COUNTRY BEAUTY was a great success! We were able to unite as a team and make an impact on the beach environment. Our hard work paid off, and we removed 29 bags of waste, totaling to 230 kg of weight from the beach.

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when everyone comes together towards one.


The Importance of Keeping our Beaches Beautiful

Keeping our beaches beautiful is of prime importance for a healthy and flourishing environment. Our beach coastline is an important part of our planet, used by thousands of people every day. But sadly, due to human activity, marine pollution and littering have become a major issue plaguing our beach ecosystems.

That is why beach cleanups are so important. FORMOSA COUNTRY BEAUTY, alongside juliArt, hosted a beach cleanup to help raise awareness and take action against marine pollution. Beach cleaning is an important step towards restoring the balance of our beach environments and keeping it that way by reducing litter in the future.

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Why We Should All Participate in Beach Cleanups

Just as our scalps need to be healthy for beautiful hair growth, the beach environment is essential to the health of both our planet and its inhabitants. Participating in beach cleanups is an important step towards preserving this environment, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same beach experience.

When participating in beach cleanups, everyone can make a real difference. Even small actions such as picking up rubbish and recycling can help reduce the amount of litter on a beach, making it healthier and safer for beachgoers. As such beach cleanups are an important part of protecting our beach ecosystems and keeping them beautiful.

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How to Get Involved in a Beach Cleanup Near You

Find the closest beach cleanup event to you. Before participating in a beach cleanup near you, it is important to do some research and find out who is organizing the event. Most beach cleanups are organized by local groups or individuals, such as #Seathechange hosted by Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider Foundation. May our feelings reach you and more people. We look forward to the great changes that will be made.

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