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How juliArt Meets B Corp’s Sustainability Standards with B Beauty Navigator

The B Corp Beauty Coalition has launched the B Beauty Navigator, a tool aimed at promoting sustainable choices in the beauty industry. It offers advice and information on key areas such as ingredient sourcing, packaging, and logistics, all of which have been developed through collaboration among the Coalition’s working groups.

This Navigator is designed to provide impartial guidance and best practices, enabling companies and individuals to make more informed decisions and avoid greenwashing. This first-of-its-kind tool will be open-source and free to access, providing an invaluable resource for the industry.

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B Beauty Navigator: PACKAGING

The Packaging Evaluation Guide offers guidance on best – and worst-sustainable business practices, as agreed by leading voices across the industry, and tracked against key sustainability criteria for beauty packaging. The manual includes a glossary of packaging-related concepts and a handy guide to what to consider during each key supply chain phase.

The Sustainability Certifications and Standards library navigates and informs companies of the latest standards and certifications released by non-profit and for-profit organizations, according to needs and priorities.

Plastic Packaging Mapping is a dedicated database created to illustrate and assess the impact of the many types of plastic which are widely used across the industry.



The Greener Logistics Guide provides a framework for companies and suppliers to assess and enhance sustainability practices, using B Corp standards as a benchmark. By utilizing a checklist approach, this guide aims to assist companies and suppliers in monitoring and improving the environmental impact of the operations.


B Beauty Navigator: INGREDIENTS

The outcomes of the ingredient Sourcing working group are under evaluation, to be published soon. (See the latest update B Beauty Navigator )

All contents are available on the B Corp Beauty Coalition’s website to companies committed to cooperating, prioritizing, and improving their own sustainability credentials, and sharing best practices, for the greater good of our beauty industry.



How Does juliArt Meet the Required Standards?

At juliArt, we strive to be a responsible and sustainable business. We are proud to be certified as a B Corporation, demonstrating our commitment to being more than just another beauty brand. Our commitment is shown through our rigorous sustainability practices that go beyond compliance with current regulations. 

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JuliArt is committed to using only 100% recycled plastic bottles (1000ml) and eco-friendly materials for all products. Additionally, we strive to reduce energy consumption by harnessing renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, as well as utilizing reusable packaging and environmentally conscious ink.


No Pump Dispensers Program

Due to the complicated recycling process of pump dispensers, we launched a sustainable “No Pump Dispensers” initiative in Taiwan. By excluding pump dispensers from our 1000mL shampoo bottles, we aim to save roughly 527kg of disposable plastic and decrease carbon emissions by over 1,000kg annually.

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We are dedicated to supporting the communities where we operate, aiming to be a trailblazer in crafting eco-friendly products without sacrificing quality or luxury. We have undertaken numerous projects to benefit local and global environmental efforts, such as a tree-planting campaign in collaboration with global organizations like Treedom, which bolsters our communities while nurturing the planet.

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