5 tips to successfully run a hair salon during the pandemic

We all know the COVID-19 crisis has taken a toll on service-based businesses like salons. Between tight social distancing procedures, people staying home more often to protect their health and hairstylists dealing with the added difficulties that come with providing services and caring for clients who are more stressed than usual, running a salon during COVID-19 can feel like a real challenge.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure your customers keep coming back and your salon chairs are full.

How to run a successful salon during COVID

Stay connected with your customers.

Firstly, make sure you collect customer emails. This can easily be achieved by asking for their email so you can send them a receipt after their service. Then once you have an email list, send out monthly deals on services or retail products to nudge your customers to come back and visit you more often!

Introduce new services designed to help customers relax and set your salon apart.

We recommend offering scalp care services. Scalp care services are helpful for clients because it keeps their scalp and hair healthy and helps them relax and makes your salon more unique – not all salons offer specialized scalp care treatments! 

So what should you include in your scalp care services? We recommend including scalp massages to help customers relax, and using products specially formulated to help regulate scalp health depending on the client’s needs, such as a scalp mask for clients who need scalp hydration, dandruff relief shampoo for clients who struggle with dandruff and a scalp restorer for all-around scalp health. 

You can add the scalp care services to existing services or have customers come in for a dedicated scalp treatment appointment.

Practice pre-booking.

Have a recommended timeframe for clients to return for each service, and ask them at check-out if they want to pre-book their next appointment. Then, provide a card with their next appointment written on it or send them an email with the booking date. When you practice pre-booking clients, it is easier to fill available time slots and keep your stylists busy and happy!

Prioritize staff safety.

Not only does this keep morale high and make sure your staff can always deliver the best service possible, but it prevents any awkward or damaging stories circulating if someone on staff tests positive for COVID-19.

Ramp up your retail.

Since the number of clients visiting your salon may have been reduced, you can help bring in more revenue by ramping up retailing at your salon and teaching customers how to create their own spa day at home with your products. Consider bringing in face masks, hair masks and scalp treatments that customers can purchase from you and use at home. Be sure to create a wonderful experience for the client from beginning to end – show them how to use the product, then package it beautifully so the client has fun unwrapping or unboxing the products at home.

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