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24H Scalp Care Treatment Plan: 5 Tips to Improve the Seasonal Flare Up

24H Scalp Care Treatment Plan: Improve the Seasonal Flare Up

As we enter autumn, humidity levels tend to drop as outdoor temperatures cool down. There is a large difference between the temperature of the day and the night, which would make the scalp drier and more prone to itchiness, oiliness, dandruff and even hair loss. The unstable state of the skin makes the professional scalp care treatments particularly popular.


In fact, during the change of seasons, we should all pay more attention to lock in hydration to help enhance the scalp’s moisture content. juliArt provides the “24H Scalp Care Treatment Plan”, a solution to maintain the oil-water balance and restore happy scalp. Take care of the scalp, and reap the benefits with lustrous, healthy hair.

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I. Go Longer Between Hair Washes: Wash your hair first thing when you get home.

Are you used to washing hair before going out? After a wash, the pores are at their cleanest; if they start to attract dirt and impede your scalp’s breathing, it may cause itching or pustules, aka folliculitis.  

Keddy, director of scalp education at juliArt HIT, suggests that because of the high outdoor temperature during the day, your scalp is prone to producing more oil, the build-up of dirt. Oil and dead skin cells can easily be trapped on our skin, which can lead to more blockage and flare-ups of existing scalp conditions.

So, a good habit and the best time to wash your hair is when you get home from a long day out. Keep the scalp clean and find a good oil-water balance, keeping the top layer of scalp skin cells hydrated and seal in the needed moisture.


II. Apply Leave-in Treatment to Hair After Washing

After the wash, apply a protective layer of the leave-in treatment to the hair, which provides an extra layer of protection, long-lasting intensive repair and deep moisturization for soft and shiny hair, easy to apply anytime and anywhere.

When used after cleansing the scalp, 50-60% of the hair care active ingredients are still in place even after a good night’s sleep. At the same time, choose products with heat-resistant effect, not only to prevent high-temperature damage during blow drying, but also to prevent sun damage to the scalp tissues.

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III. After Blow Drying, Spray Scalp Restorer (Toner or Scalp Spray) on Dry scalp

In summer and autumn, the dry and itchy condition becomes more serious, it is very important to keep the scalp well hydrated.

To keep the effective ingredients continuously working, without being diluted, make sure you spray the restorer on dry scalp. This is a leave-in nourishing restorative treatment, there is no need to rinse off after. This is an essential step for those who are worried about hair thinning and hair loss problems.

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IV. Massage Scalp Every Day to Promote Blood Circulation

In addition to cleansing and nourishment, maintaining healthy hair follicles is also crucial with the adequacy of blood oxygen and the smooth delivery of nutrients to the dermis. 

After washing your hair, massage your scalp for two or three minutes with your fingertips or a comb.

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V. Good scalp care regimen: understand the state of the scalp

Habits take time, consistency, and perseverance to form. These are the most irreplaceable and excellent care to improve scalp ecosystem and damaged hair.

It is important to correctly understand what nutrients your scalp needs most. According to the statistics, about 30% to 40% of people misjudge their own scalp attributes due to visual observation or wash habits, and up to 80% of them do not clean their scalp and hair properly. 

It is crucial to use mildly acidic amino acid based shampoo with pH below 5.5 to gently cleanse the scalp and enhance moisturization; avoid stripping the hair and scalp of its natural oil, sebum.



Hair Care Should Change with the Seasons

for hair loss prevention

juliArt_Ultimate Density_set

The ECHO system for Hair Loss Prevention

    • 5α Avocado helps balance scalp sebum production and improve scalp health.
    • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein moisturizes the scalp and slows down aging.
    • Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract to balance the sebum production and strengthen the hair roots.



for dry and itchy scalp care

juliArt dry dandruff ECHO system

The ECHO system for Dry scalp and Dry dandruff 

    • Elevate the moisture level on dry scalp.
    • Soothe irritation that results from dryness and sensitivity.
    • Herbal-based ingredients without drug resistance.



for oily with dandruff concern

ECHO System for Seborrheic Dermatitis_type

The ECHO system for Oily scalp with dandruff 

    • Inhibit bacteria overgrowth and prevent dandruff.
    • Cleanse and regulate sebum glands.
    • Remove scalp odors and dandruff.



for hair loss concerns

juliArt oily hair loss ECHO solution for hair fall

The ECHO system for Hair Loss with Oily Scalp 

CISPER series is composed with NcPA- Japanese patented ingredient for hair revitalization. Revitalizing your hair roots and regulating your scalp oil production with ECHO system. Idea for Oily scalp with thinning hair, hair loss. This ECHO system approach pairs gentle solutions with proven treatments to help you clear scalp symptoms and manage your ongoing scalp health in the long term.


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