Beauty Award Recommend Scalp Treatment – A first look at Trendsetter juliArt

“I love classic beauty. It’s an idea of beauty with no standard.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

Scalp Treatment Trendsetter

juliArt is shortlisted for The Best Hair Product of  2020 Pure Beauty Award. Thanks for Cosmetics Business mentioning juliArt as a Scalp Treatment Trendsetter. “Among our clinical cases, 90% out of treated by juliArt CISPER Hair Revitalising Serum people are satisfied and agree that their hair is thicker.”  – Read more on Cosmetics Business

What Causes Scalp conditions? Especially Hair Loss!

It’s easy to cause scalp itchy, inflammation, and hair loss. Because the causes of hair loss are getting more complicated, juliArt has main concern about hair revitalization. Thanks to Japanese patented ingredient “Hyaluronic acid NcPA” that activates hair follicle and develops the hair growth environment.

The classic treatment featured for all the scalp types!

juliArt originally design “E-C-H-O” scalp solution for all types of scalp problems. The classic treatment featured for oily hairdry & sensitive scalphair lossdandruffpsoriasisdermatitisfolliculitis. It’s the core solution for scalp care, bringing healthier scalp and stronger hair.

juliArt distributes in channels of:

  • 428+ professional salons
  • High end department stores

“In this imperfect world, education is the way we can make up.”

JuliArt CSR established the educational funds through:

  • Assist the county, region, or community with limited education resources to improve the quality of the education
  • Financially support teacher development
  • Financially support the action of sustainable education

Using natural extracts to keep scalp close to nature without burden and

 respect the environment

The full range of scalp products uses high-quality amino acids as the base, and each ingredient is carefully selected. The ingredients are gentle and delicate for the users while cleaning and taking care of the scalp and skin. Adding a variety of organic essential oils and herbal ingredients to enhance the effect.

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Evelyn Davies
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