Cosmoprof Bologna 2024: Future Salon Business Trends

Cosmoprof Bologna 2024, witness the emergence of the true salon game-changer: Scalp Care Treatment.

No longer confined to a brief scalp exfoliating ritual, scalp care has evolved into a premium, personalized wellness treatment, starting from scalp health to hair revitalization. This essential part of any beauty routine is driving a revolutionary shift in salon services


Increase Profits with Salon Premium Scalp Treatment

Clients are increasingly seeking comprehensive care, and by tapping into the SCALP CARE revolution your salon business can become a destination for a rejuvenating wellness experience. 

Adding scalp care to your product range or service menu is not just a trend; it’s a strategic move that unlocks a new realm of profitability for retailers, salons, spas and wellness practitioners. 

By incorporating specialized scalp treatments into your products and services, you not only enhance customer satisfaction but also open up lucrative avenues for upselling premium treatments.

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Elevate your brand and sales by integrating juliArt science-based scalp care ECHO system. Discover how scalp wellness treatments can captivate clients and bring your salon to a new level. Be a leader in the salon revolution in your market

juliArt cosmoprof bologna 2024 display
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juliArt Empowers Salons at Cosmoprof Bologna 2024: Salon Personalized Scalp Care

Cosmoprof Bologna 2024 recently concluded, with juliArt’s exhibition still creating buzz. The event reinforced juliArt’s leadership in salon-grade personalized scalp care and training for professionals.