What skills employers look for in graduates?

After 3 or 4 years of hard work, one approaches the next stage of life that arouses some level of curiosity and that is the life after graduation. It is of no surprise that companies are always looking for experienced employees just for the fact that they bring expertise to the company and the risk factor for failure is far lower than hiring beginners. The problem with that concept is that there aren’t many experienced people always looking for a new job and if they are, they have their own set of demands which may not always comply with the company.

In this situation, freshly graduates come into play and they bring a new wave of experimentation and innocence. They are somewhat unaware of how a company runs and are completely on their toes for the first few months or maybe even a year in some cases. However, since it is a learning curve for them and the companies, it is quite a journey that they share which has a very uncertain output.

But before all of this happens, there is a big anticipation period for graduates where they have absolutely no clue of what the companies expect. So let’s debunk some of the requirements that commonly all companies look for in a newly graduated potential employee.

To begin with, companies look for passion in the first place. And I am not talking about the philosophical passion. We are talking real passion here. If one is genuinely passionate, he/she will elevate in doing something or the other for keeping the interest alive. On the other hand, if one just wants to do the job for the sake of doing it then it’ll be a real deal-breaker. So if we are talking from a scalp care company’s perspective, the company will look for someone who has some experience in the field no matter how small or big.

Next up. experience, I know it has been mentioned a lot already but the most valued argument fresh graduates have is how are they supposed to have experience when they’re just out of university. This is not an invalid argument. The answer to this will go back to point number 1, if your passion is strong enough, you would have done something in the field of your interest in order to get the gears rolling. In scalp care, this would be a little arguable because one can hardly practice being a scalp therapist while being a student. But then there are some courses that help students to get experience and certification on how to get equipped with required knowledge and skillset.

Lastly, employers do consider how well a person tried in their academics. It does not show your professional ability but shares a lot about one’s character. It can define a lot about one’s strengths and weaknesses so make sure to keep them as high as you possibly can.

Basically, it can be easily summed up in a paragraph that you have to show the dedication that you have for this job, show the interviewer why you are the best fit in the room, and show your proactivity in your student life. Portraying great communication skills, confidence to bring a positive storm to the company and showing your interest in achieving great results as a team is an ultimate key in getting through the interview and making your way to be a successful employee.

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