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Hair and Art together? Introducing “JuliArt”


Hair and Art together? Introducing “JuliArt”

Chemicals in your shampoo can do much damage then one could even imagine, some of it being, rigorous hair loss, stripping natural oil from one’s hair, take away one’s hair moisture and many more amongst others. This is just the damage done to the hair and there are also damage to the nature that hasn’t been discussed but it's far more than thought. People often continue using such products despite knowing the disadvantages just because they hardly have decent “natural” choices. These days, some products claim to be natural, but they have hidden chemicals, that turns out to be a clickbait tag which is just a gimmick to sell their product and there’s no natural aspect to it.

This is where JuliArt steps in and takes charge. Being totally Chemical and Alcohol free, it takes natural product to another level. Being SLS free makes this product such a gem because it is bound to keep scalp refreshed. NcPA and Glycyrrhetinic Acid definitely help miles better than using regular shampoo in achieving better skin elasticity plus it slows down skin aging. 

Adding more about Juliart, the Cisper Revitalizing Series is dedicated for optimum hair growth treatment with four specialized stages E-C-H-O of development, hence taking care at every level for best results.

Starting with Exfoliation by Keratin Purification, it is delegated by “Glycyrrhetinic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Shampoo”, doing excellent cleansing, relaxing, anti-bacterial and moisture regulating.

Next up is the Cleansing stage, which is led by “Cisper Hair revitalizing Shampoo” which has herbal extract in mild value helping to cool down and refreshen the scalp. It is equipped with Vitamin B3 enabling anti-aging capabilities.

Coming up is Hydration part where “Cisper Hair Revitalizing Scalp Restorer” takes the lead in increasing the volume of thin hair, enabling growth of thick hair, hence adding up the volume. It retains moisture along with keeping the hair healthy and strengthened

Lastly, is the Overall growing part with “Cisper Hair Revitalizing Serum” which is best for the same. It increases hair follicle and collagen activity. It helps removing excess oil thus preventing DHT production which prevents hair loss.

Conclusively, we are coming this year at “CosmoProf 2018” to share this and other special products which not only makes your scalp and hair healthier but also makes you look and feel good. We intend to share not only our products but also our story, motivation and inspiration. Our core being, spreading awareness about scalp care and hair care along with nature.


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2018 / 10 / 01
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