Ingredients to Make Your Hair Healthy & Look Fabulous vs Ingredients that Can Harm Your Hair

Olive Oil

Even though you mostly know this ingredient as one of the food ingredients, olive oil has it’s own usage for hair health Olive oil is very similar to the natural oils of the hair and scalp, and helps to replenish the oils that are missing in dry damaged hair.


Coconut Oil

For conditioners, coconut oil is essential to be included in the ingredients, as it helps with increasing the flexibility of the hair by penetrating the hair and improving hair strength. Other oils that nurture hair and give it shine and moisture are palm oiljojoba oil, and olive oil. While each works well individually, together they provide greatly improved results. These oils contain the same oil produced by our bodies, that’s why it can reinforced the oil that’s already there.


This ingredient is something that we usually eat and enjoy at restaurants, but actually it has a beneficial usage for your hair. Seaweed can help to control oiliness on the scalp. Not only that, but seaweed can boost your hair growth.


Salt can exfoliate and absorbent properties which remove excess sebum without stripping the hair fibre. By reactivating blood circulation, it purifies the scalp and also reduces dandruff production. However, don’t rush for your pot of coarse sea salt just yet.



Rosemary oil can help people with hair shedding & hair loss problems. Rosemary Oil can also promotes hair growth.



Glycyrrhetinic Acid

This ingredient is a natural steroid, that excel in anti-inflammatory properties and can also relieve skin irritation and allergy.



The name and the usage has the same first letter, Honey can be used to Hydrate the hair, also extracted honey called hydroxypropyltrimonium honey can sticks to damaged areas of hair to hydrate them without feeling sticky. Honey can also be used to clear up flakiness, itchiness, and more-serious scalp conditions (like chronic seborrheic dermatitis).

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a good source of vitamins B and E, and can be a great leave-in conditioner for hair, softening it and providing great shine. It also can give strength, moisture and give shine to damaged hair.



White Vinegar

Vinegar closes the hair’s cuticles, adds shine and stands out your hair colour. Its pH also has a re-balancing effect which purifies the scalp, thus limiting the production of dandruff and excess sebum.



After mentioning several of the ingredients in the shampoo that are essential for you, now it’s time to mention ingredients that you should totally avoid in your hair products, as it can harm your hair & scalp health.





Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

An insecticide and can also be found in a lot of cleaning products. It is known as cancer-causing ingredients. Also causes liver damage, skin rashes, depression, diarrhea and eye damage.





Triclosan accumulate in our fat cells and keep our body in a state of toxicity. It causes irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs, and causes endocrine disruption and organ system toxicity.




It leaves a residue on the skin and scalp, disrupts the skin’s natural pH and destroys the natural protective barrier of our skin and scalp. Polysorbate-80 is the worst of the bunch.




One of the silicones variety, considered the best among the silicones for hair because it helps boost shine and buffer hair from the damaging effects of heat. Also dimethicone sits on the hair and lock in the moisture.




Synthetic Colors

Most shampoos has artificial or synthetic colors that comes from petroleum or coal-tar sources, all of which come with harmful health effects. Synthetic colors will normally go by FD&C or D&C combined with a number.

Now after we know about both good and bad ingredients for our hair, as a customer we must choose our hair product wisely, for the health of our hair in the future. That’s why I recommend using a product that is all natural like JuliArt, as it’s products ingredients are all natural and no chemicals included. JuliArt can also help every scalp needs, from dry scalp, oily scalp, dandruffs, or even allergies like Folliculitis, Seborrheic dermatitis, Psoriasi and damaged scalp.

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